Report reveals Bulwell teen ‘did not react’ to warning horn before death

An investigation has revealed that a Bulwell teenager ‘did not react’ to a tram warning horn shortly before she died.

Lindsey Inger (13) died after being hit by a tram on the Moor Bridge crossing between the Bulwell and Hucknall boundary last November.

But a recent report has found that despite the driver’s attempts to sound the horn and flash his lights to warn the teenager, she was distracted and did not realise its approach.

The report, from the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB), said Lindsey “appeared to be unaware of the tram’s approach” and “may have been distracted”, though she had not been using a phone or headphones.

It is also possible the Longford Crescent teen may have thought the horn came from a parallel train track or a nearby road.

Along with confusion over the horn, a bright light installed after a double fatal accident at the crossing in 2008, may have “inhibited” Lindsay’s vision, the report revealed.

The report made recommendations for tram horns to be repeatedly sounded in the future.

Although this was done by the tram driver, the teenager was unfamiliar with the crossing and had stepped out too late for the tram’s brakes to stop it in time.

Since the tragedy, a campaign led by Lindsey’s foster mum, Marlene Starling, will see an elevated footbridge installed over the tracks to prevent further casualties.

The footbridge will open in October.