Research is a step closer thanks to fundraising Hucknall couple

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A Hucknall couple’s hopes of funding a new research project into the rare devastating disease that has gripped their young sons’ lives is now within their grasp.

As cash continues to roll in for the Battle Batten Campaign with Freddie and Louie thanks to the heart-warming support from the Dispatch community, their original £20,000 target is close to being reached with the fund currently at £18,830.

But the determined parents are vowing to continue to fundraise further.

“We don’t want £20,000 to be our limit as the more money we raise the more research can be done which could mean a cure one day,” said the boys’ mum, Sarah Finney.

“We were contacted only this week by the research officer from the BDFA (Batten Disease Family Association) saying they had sent out invites to scientists to propose their projects.

“This means we are another step closer to getting the research underway.”

The original aim of the campaign was to meet the £20,000 target by June to get earlier research into the particular strain that the twins have to continue.

Itwas a chance encounter with the scientist at a Batten Disease Family Association (BDFA) meeting who told the couple that his lab was prepared to carry out the next stage of research which motivated them.

They are only £1,730 short but they are hoping to carry on the fundraising to allow the research to continue.

“Inevitably it will cost much more than £20,000 to fund hope for a cure so we are determined to keep going.”