REVEALED: Hucknall’s famous horse

Hucknall Peggy
Hucknall Peggy

THE DISPATCH can claim to be first past the post when it comes to tracking down extra details of a locally famous, prize-winning horse nicknamed Hucknall Peggy from the 1920s.

For we have spoken to the daughter of the mare’s regular rider, George Purdy.

What’s more, Sheila Cockayne, of Bentinck Street, Hucknall, has loaned us this photo of her dad saddled up on Hucknall Peggy, alias Little Black Bess.

Sheila can’t remember much about the pony from her childhood. But she can recall that it was quite successful at shows and won several trophies.

The exploits of Hucknall Peggy came to light in last week’s 1925 edition of ‘The Dispatch Years’, our popular nostalgia column written and researched by former chief reporter Denis Robinson.

She was owned by Hucknall brothers, Bill and ‘Copper’ Wright, who had a scrap metal business in the town.

The diminutive duo are pictured on the right and left of the photo. The other man pictured is named Stan Atkins.

Amateur jockey Mr Purdy was born and bred in Hucknall and lived on Cavendish Street.

He died in 1981 at the age of 75.

Added Sheila: “When I saw a bit on ‘The Dispatch Years’ page in the Dispatch I just had to dig out the photo and take it in to the Dispatch Office.

“I thought it would be nice to see exactly what Hucknall Peggy looked like. I can’t remember too much but I know my dad was very fond of her.”

Well worth a tip in Scoop’s Six, we reckon!