REVEALED: The Mansfield food outlets with the worst hygiene ratings

0 out of 5
0 out of 5

Two food outlets in Mansfield were given a zero-star hygiene rating in 2014.

The scores - based on the latest inspections by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) mean “urgent improvement” is necessary.

Ratings are based on how the food is handled, the condition and cleanliness of the premises and how the business ensures food is safe.

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The premises revealed to have the worst hygiene ratings were Cod Father, on Westfield Lane, Mansfield, and Fresh N Fast, in Station Street, Mansfield Woodhouse.

REVEALED: The Derbyshire food outlets with the worst and best hygiene ratings

Neither restaurant could be reached for comment.

A further 69 Mansfield outlets failed to reach the minimum three out of five-star rating last year.

Despite this, hundreds of outlets were awarded five-star ‘very good’ hygiene ratings.

A spokesman for the FSA said: “It’s the things you can’t see - like germs spread by bad hygiene practices- that you need to consider.

“There’s one easy way to set your mind at rest - check the food hygiene rating.”

Zero-star rating (urgent improvement necessary)

Cod Father, 300a Westfield Lane, Mansfield (last inspection: 03 October 2014).

Fresh N Fast, 34 Station Street, Mansfield Woodhouse (last inspection: 05 November 2014).

One-star rating (major improvement necessary)

Akas Tandoori Takeaway, 27 High Street, Warsop (last inspection: 03 October 2014).

Barringer Convenience, 72-74 Barringer Road, Mansfield (last inspection: 18 July 2014).

Bellamy Discount Store, 1 Egmanton Road, Mansfield (last inspection: 21 May 2014).

Bengal Cottage, 4 Burns Lane, Warsop (last inspection: 20 November 2014).

Bodrum BBQ Grill, 2a Albert Street, Mansfield (last inspection: 29 May 2014).

Boothys Club, 2 West Hill Drive, Mansfield (last inspection: 16 September 2014).

Bull Farm Supermarket, 35-39 Peel Crescent, Mansfield (last inspection: 02 October 2014).

Captain Cods, 3 Queen Street, Mansfield (last inspection: 25 March 2013).

Chef Canton, 20 Ossington Close, Meden Vale (last inspection: 10 October 2013).

Cox’s Supermarket, 5c Coxs Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse (last inspection: 30 October 2013- now under new ownership).

D and D Supermarket, 72a Armstrong Road, Mansfield (last inspection: 17 April 2013).

Double Dragon, 54 Station Street Mansfield Woodhouse (last inspection: 22 May 2014).

E A Bird and Sons Ltd, 14 Leeming Street, Mansfield (last inspection: 22 May 2014).

Elston Luncheon Club, Elston Close, Mansfield (last inspection: 10 September 2013).

European Food Store, 63 West Gate, Mansfield (last inspection: 03 May 2013).

Fairways Bar, 219 Leeming Lane North, Mansfield (last inspection: 14 April 2014).

Forest Town Youth Centre, Kingsway Forest Town (last inspection: 30 July 2013).

Golden Bridge, 343 Nottingham Road, Mansfield (last inspection: 15 May 2014).

Golden Hill, 559 Chesterfield Road, North Pleasley (last inspection: 20 March 2014).

Howard Road News, 104 Howard Road, Mansfield (last inspection: 14 September 2012).

Ling Forest Newsagent/Off Licence, 3 Ling Forest Court, Mansfield (last inspection: 16 July 2012).

Love Coffee, Four Seasons, Mansfield (last inspection: 16 May 2014).

Lucky Dragon, 25 Church Street, Warsop (last inspection: 12 March 2014).

Mansfield Colliery Miners Welfare, Clipstone Road, West Forest Town (last inspection: 11 July 2014).

Mansfield Town Football Club, Quarry Lane, Mansfield (last inspection: 12 March 2013).

Mencap Care Home, 31 Woodhouse Road, Mansfield (last inspection: 03 July 2014).

Migotka, 20 Leeming Street, Mansfield (last inspection: 25 July 2013).

MIND (Community Cafe), 14 St John Street, Mansfield (last inspection: 05 November 2013).

Nazran Store, 5a Ravensdale Road, Mansfield (last inspection: 20 June 2013).

Netherfield Lane Stores, Netherfield Lane, Meden Vale (last inspection: 04 November 2013).

New Garden, 221 Chesterfield Road South, Mansfield (last inspection: 23 July 2014).

Pizza Stop, 36 High Street, Warsop (last inspection: 23 January 2014).

Pleasley Springs Comm. Centre, Pleasley Springs, Pleasley (last inspection: 26 February 2014).

Suzie’s, Private address: registered with Mansfield local authority (last inspection: 07 November 2013).

Tandoori Nights, 112a Chesterfield Road, North Mansfield (last inspection: 19 November 2013).

Tung Kong, 120 Sherwood Street, Warsop (last inspection: 15 August 2013).

Warsop Exservicemens Club Ltd, Carr Lane, Warsop (last inspection: 16 July 2013).

Winner House, 14 High Street, Mansfield Woodhouse (last inspection: 02 January 2013).

Two-star rating (improvement necessary)

Blue Chilli Thai Restaurant, 15 Handley Arcade, Mansfield (last inspection: 21 November 2012).

Brown’s Bar, 5 Madeline Court, Mansfield (last inspection: 19 June 2013).

Chicho, High Street, Mansfield Woodhouse (last inspection: 28 January 2014).

Cinnamon Spice, 32 Leeming Street, Mansfield (last inspection: 11 November 2014).

Great Wall, 41 Peel Crescent, Mansfield (last inspection: 03 February 2014).

J & J Stores, 11 Ossington Close, Meden Vale (last inspection: 07 May 2013).

Jack Snacks, Private address: registered with Mansfield local authority (last inspection: 28 March 2014).

Jade Cottage, 9 Fairholme Drive, Mansfield (last inspection: 02 May 2013).

Jango’s Indoor Play Centre, Fulmar Close, Forest Town (last inspection: 13 October 2014).

Kee Yee Chinese Takeaway, 2 Arthur Street, Mansfield (last inspection: 04 May 2011).

Kev’s Fish Bar Ltd, 145 Nottingham Road, Mansfield (last inspection: 14 September 2012).

Malika’s, 21 Pelham Street, Mansfield (last inspection: 04 November 2014).

Mirch Massala, 4 Station Street, Mansfield Woodhouse (last inspection: 18 November 2014).

Oriental Delight, 110 Carter Lane, Mansfield (last inspection: 22 January 2014).

Papas Fish & Chips, 6a Ravensdale Road, Mansfield (last inspection: 27 November 2013).

Price Freeze, 4 Church Street, Warsop (last inspection: 25 June 2014).

Shangri-LA Chinese Restaurant, High Street, Mansfield Woodhouse (last inspection: 16 July 2013).

Sunnydale, Brown Avenue, Mansfield Woodhouse (last inspection: 02 July 2013).

Taste of China, 182 Southwell Road, East Rainworth (last inspection: 20 March 2013).

The Greyhound, 82 High Street, Mansfield Woodhouse (last inspection: 01 July 2014).

The Mandarin, 70 Barringer Road, Mansfield (last inspection: 24 May 2012).

The Rufford, 335 Chesterfield Road, South Mansfield (last inspection: 08 September 2014).

The Star, 1 Warsop Road, Mansfield Woodhouse (last inspection: 16 September 2013).

Time Cafe Bar, 38 Four Seasons, Mansfield (last inspection: 11 June 2014).

Viking Takeaway, 45d Leeming Street, Mansfield (last inspection: 20 August 2013).

Warsop District Age Concern, 14 High Street, Warsop (last inspection: 10 July 2013).

Westfield Chippy, 78 Westfield Lane, Mansfield (last inspection: 28 August 2014).

Wok Wonder, 161 Chesterfield Road, North Mansfield (last inspection: 23 July 2013).

Y5 Internet Cafe, 5 Egmanton Road, Mansfield (last inspection: 11 June 2013).

Ye Olde Plough, 669 Chesterfield Road, North Pleasley (last inspection: 26 March 2013).