Robin comes unstuck!

ROBINS are usually associated with Christmas. But this one has turned up in the summer — and he had a distinctly sticky experience.

It even meant that he ended up at the Buckley House vets’ surgery on West Street, Hucknall.

And an appeal is now being made for help to trace his home and family.

The story began with a builder doing some repair work on a house in Hucknall. The robin suddenly appeared and fell into a big pot of glue, which the builder was using.

The little bird was immediately rushed to Buckley House for emergency attention.

Amazingly, a vet managed to remove all the glue from his feathers and he was then transferred to the Cedar Wildlife Sanctuary at Kirkby-in-Ashfield to recover from his ordeal.

Sanctuary spokesman Phil Else said: “The vet did a wonderful job. Apart from a few missing tail-feathers, the robin is fine and ready to be released.

“However the builder did not leave any details of where he was working, so we don’t know where the robin came from.

“It is really important that he goes back to his garden. He could be in danger if he encroaches on another robin’s nest because these birds are very territorial. He may also have a Mrs Robin and babies waiting for him.”

Anyone who can shed some light on the robin’s ‘address’ is asked to contact Buckley House on 0115 9527271 or the Cedar sanctuary on 07808 9292300.

“It would be lovely if there is a happy ending to the story,” said Phil. “As can be seen from the photo, the robin is a delightful little chap and he deserves to be reunited with his family. I would be grateful for any help.”

The last time a robin hit the headlines in Hucknall was, more appropriately, at Christmas time a few years ago.

The little bird was trapped in the Tesco Extra superstore for about four weeks. It defied all attempts to coax it out of the premises and finally — because of health and safety fears, as the bird was flying over the store’s cafe — it had to be shot.