Rotary members have an epiphany

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HucknallRotary Club’s first meeting of 2014 took place the day after Epiphany (the feast day which commemorates the visit of the Magi). The special guest was Rev Canon Keith Turner of St Michael’s Church, Linby, who revisited the well-known story of the wise men in his message of encouragement to Rotarians for the new year.

Canon Turner focused especially on the generous spirit of giving and also the journey that the wise men made in presenting their gifts.

The journey was a long and hard one and there would have been occasions when tensions were raised between the wise men.

But more importantly, it was a journey of joy and one which joined the community with everyone in the wise men’s party working together to finish their journey.

Without teamwork, it is unlikely that the wise men would have been able to present their gifts in the spirit of generosity. No wise man travelled separately, they journeyed together in fellowship.

President Ian Young thanked Canon Turner for a timeless message that transcended individual religious views and commented tongue-in-cheek that he was rather glad that no-one had been tempted to joke about wise men and Rotary.