Round Table supports Armed Forces’ leavers

HUCKNALL Round Table are offering the hand of friendship and support to those leaving the Armed Forces.

Young men are being given the chance of six months free membership to the group in order to aid their transition into civilian life.

The organisation, which is aimed at men aged 18-45, offers a ready-made social circle for servicemen coming home, a strong business network, activity and adventure, international travel and personal development opportunities for those making the transition to a new way of life.

To support female service leavers, Ladies Circle has matched this offer.

Craig Strachan joined the Round Table after he left the RAF following 12 years service. He has benefited from joining the Round Table and would recommend it to others.

“My dad had been in the Round Table and I remembered he had mixed with all kinds of people from barristers to binmen,” explained Craig. “It was a classless society, just like the Air Force. I phoned up my local club and two days later I was on a golf course with a bunch of guys my age.

“It was a ready-made social circle I could just slip into and I felt welcome straight away. The others were from all walks of life but we seemed to have lots in common.

“Because so many of the activities we do involve our families, it has also helped my wife meet new people and build her social circle.”

Round Table is an open and inclusive worldwide club, offering young men the opportunity to expand their social and business network.

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