Rufford Lane row continues

Residents at a notorious Nottinghamshire accident blackspot say it is only a matter of time before someone is killed if it is not closed to through traffic.

Rufford Lane has been the site of more than 150 accidents over the past 15 years, two of them fatal.

The Rufford Resident’s Group has been campaigning to have it closed to through traffic which they say will prevent it being used as a rat run but allowing access to the Country Park and developments along Rufford Lane.

As part of the planned scheme, the existing 30mph speed limit through Rufford village will be retained and extended to the west to its junction with the A614 Rufford Road, and also to the east of the village. The remainder of Rufford Lane east of the village to its junction with the A616 Newark Road, will see the national speed limit of 60mph reduced to 40mph.

Jonathan Ball of the Rufford Resident’s Group said: “There really isn’t any sensible alternative other than to close the lane to through-traffic. There have been two deaths already, more than 100 accidents in the past few years. Someone else will get seriously injured or killed.”

Neil Hodgson, Service Director for Highways, at Nottinghamshire County Council said: “The objections received regarding the proposed speed limit reductions on Rufford Lane have been carefully considered and it has been resolved that the Traffic Regulation Order should be implemented as originally advertised as the most suitable scheme for this area.”