Samworth Academy principal pays tribute to Ciaran Sweeney

Samworth Academy principal Mike Griffiths has paid tribute to tragic Mansfield teenager Ciaran Sweeney.

The 14-year-old’s body was discovered at by Nottinghamshire Police’s Underwater Search Unit on 1st October.

This followed a police search of more than two weeks since the Oak Tree teenager went missing.

Said Mr Griffiths: “We are all still recovering from the shocking news of Ciaran’s discovery in such tragic circumstances.

“Many members of our staff and students are experiencing a wide range of emotions and at this early stage we can only ask ourselves why.

“Our profound sadness in losing one of our Samworth family will eventually ease and the painful memories we feel today will give way to remembering Ciaran with a smile, and acknowledging the contribution he made towards Academy life.

“Not least he was one of the most dedicated rugby players we had - always being the first to throw himself into training sessions and games with determination and enthusiasm.”

“His school attendance was exemplary and he always worked hard in and out of the classroom to be the best that he could be.

“Ciaran will be missed by all of us at the Academy and our thoughts go out to his family, his friends, and the wider community he lived in.

“Most of all we would like to remember Ciaran’s spirit of adventure, his willingness to volunteer and his respect and good manners towards all our staff which has been greatly valued.

“He will always be missed so much and remembered with affection.”