Santa’s sleigh collects record-breaking amount

Hucknall Rotary Club sleigh cheque
Hucknall Rotary Club sleigh cheque

THE GENEROSITY of Hucknall has been praised after the annual Santa’s Sleigh trips, organised by the town’s ROTARY CLUB, raised a record-breaking total of more than £6,000.

The popular initiative not only defied the pressures of the economic downturn but also overcame snow, ice and freezing temperatures.

Rotarians again wheeled the sleigh around the whole of Hucknall with Father Christmas delighting.

Other organisations, such as the 1803 (Hucknall) Squadron of the Air Training Corps (ATC), also borrowed the sleigh to do fundraising of their own.

The Rotary Club extended a big thankyou to those who supported the sleigh and made donations.

It also took the chance to confirm that Hucknall Christmas Carnival, which was cancelled for the first time last year because of the big freeze, will be revived this year on Wednesday December 7.