Save our libraries - plea to Notts council

John Wilmot who is campaigning to save Nottinghamshire's libraries.
John Wilmot who is campaigning to save Nottinghamshire's libraries.

A Hucknall councillor has called on the county council to keep libraries open in Nottinghamshire.

Coun John Wilmott, of the Hucknall First Community Forum, challenged the chair of the culture committee to agree that ‘it is essential that we keep open all the libraries as a basic necessity for all our residents’.

He said: “It seems to me that our libraries are treated as the life blood to many of our residents especially those on low incomes and those caught in the poverty trap including many children, which has been well documented over the past few weeks.

“Our libraries give many residents a chance to obtain a better standard of education, and our pensioners use the facilities to meet many friends in a friendly environment.”

Coun John Knight, chairman for culture at NCC said: “I have already made clear my passionate belief in our excellent libraries service and I am certain that Hucknall Library will continue to prosper. NCC has a ten year library strategy, agreed in December 2011, which outlines the important role of libraries in all our communities.”

He said modernised library buildings and ICT infrastructure would enable them to meet the current and future needs of communities and for NCC to meet its statutory library duty. He added: “We have not proposed any closures and continue to develop new sustainable library partnerships and alternative operating arrangements to ensure we maintain our extensive and accessible network of libraries into the future.”