School children learn everything Polish..

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Children at a school in Eastwood had a ‘Polish day’ to learn everything about the country’s heritage and customs.

Each class at the Priory Academy did creative activities based around traditional Polish stories, learned how to say their names in Polish, studied Polish artists and Polish traditional dance, and made traditional head wear.

Organiser Emma Kelly said: “The main idea behind the day was to celebrate the diversity of our school. We have many Polish families within our school community and the day was aimed at educating the children about the lives, heritage and customs of their Polish school friends.

“It went some way to making our Polish parents feel and integral part of our school community and enabled their children to share their knowledge and pride in their heritage with their friends.”

Kids came dressed in red and white – the colours of the Polish flag – and some of the Polish children wore national dress.

Ms Kelly said: “The day would not have been the huge success it was without the help, support and organisational skills of a group of Polish parents who created the most wonderful Polish display in the hall – a combination of maps, books, traditional clothing, artefacts and a huge spread of traditional Polish food – a huge hit with everyone.”

It was the second Polish day held at the school. The first was in 2013.