SCHOOL ‘LEAGUE TABLES’: A-level aces impress to make the grade

NEW statistics and ‘league tables’ have revealed that students at the three main schools in Hucknall and Bulwell made big strides in A-level results last summer.

Both National Church Of England Academy and Holgate Comprehensive in Hucknall saw the average number of points achieved per pupil leap considerably.

As for Bulwell Academy, it also posted impressive results despite last summer being the first year that any school in the town has offered A-level or equivalent qualifications.

A set number of points is awarded in the exams for certain grades with, for example, an A being worth 270. The points govern whether a student will be accepted onto a university course.

At National, of Annesley Road, its average score went from 767.6 in 2010 to 824.2 in last year’s exams. It places it ninth in the table of the county’s 49 A-level schools and colleges.

It is also above the county average (708.9%) and national level (745.9).

At Holgate, off Nabbs Lane, the average points’ total went up from 616 to 719.6 — an impressive jump of 103.6 points per pupil.

Bulwell Academy, off Hucknall Lane, can celebrate an average score of 774.3, which easily outstripped the city average of 762.2 and the national average.