SCHOOL PROMS: Holgate takes hall by storm

HUCKNALL’S Holgate School celebrated their prom at Eastwood Hall on Friday night.

The Mansfield Road venue has been used by the school before for a number of previous proms and once again provided an excellent place to party.

“A white, purple and black theme was decided for the night by the prom committee and the room looked fabulous,” said PE teacher Suzy Mann, who was one of the organisers. “We had just over 100 people attend and it was an excellent, fun night where everyone enjoyed themselves.

“We had a disco as well as a live performace from a band made up of staff from the school.”

The youngsters all enjoyed a two course sit down meal and helped themselves to cupcakes and pic n’ mix for dessert.

Suzy added: “At 10 o’clock we all went outside for a firework display, which was a great addition to the entertainment.”

Students have been building up to the event for months previous with girls shopping for their dresses and the excitement of the evening mounting in recent weeks.

As well as limousines bringing some students in style, there was an alternative use of a white lorry cab as well as taxis and parents dropping off their teenagers and their friends for the 6.30pm start.

Suzy added: “Everyone looked very impressive in their formalwear and the whole night was well worth the wait.”