Schools to run kid centres

Nottingham City Council (NCC) is asking parents for their views on a scheme which would see schools take over the running of children’s centres in Bulwell.

All services offered by the children’s centres would continue, but NCC says some services could usefully be moved out of Bulwell Children’s Centre, Bulwell Forest Children’s Centre and Top Valley and Bestwood Park Children’s Centre, and into other venues such as libraries and community centres.

A spokesperson said: “No children’s centres would close – but services would be reorganised and delivered in partnership to make better use of council buildings while continuing to meet community need. By working in partnership with schools, the children’s centres could provide additional space for school meeting rooms and classrooms.”

Coun David Mellen of NCC said: “Providing help, support and advice to families is one of our top priorities, but we think that we can make better use of some of our children’s centre buildings by working in partnership with schools. Our proposal would see all of the services continue – and no children’s centres would be closed – but this could help us to provide more provision for schools while ensuring our children’s centres continue their important role in our early intervention work.”

The survey can be filled in online at and entries will be put into a prize draw. The consultation ends on 20th April.