Science students travel to Geneva

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Excited students from Hucknall set off on a mammoth coach journey to Switzerland on Wednesday 19th February as part of a science trip.

With 45 pupils and five members of staff the coach set off from The Holgate Academy to Geneva to visit the Histoey of Science Museum.

“Students were very well behaved on the trip and an absolute credit to themselves and the academy,” said Phil Bailey. “They interacted with very old scientific equipment (after overcoming the French instructions), and Mr Dziombak invited some year 10 students to do some physics revision using old telescopes.

“After exploring the museum, we took a walk towards the fountain along an extremely peaceful Lake Geneva, in fact we almost forgot it was a school trip.

We were rather disappointed that the fountain wasn’t working, despite some students seeming impressed with a water pump!

On the third day the group had an early wake up for our trip to CERN.

“Mr Dziombak once again took the opportunity to test his students, this time his 6th formers, who were not allowed to join the tour until they could explain everything they knew about particle physics,” added Phil.

“We watched a presentation about the history of CERN, an explanation of how it works and what they are currently researching before being taken on a tour to look at the accelerators and colliders.

“We also visited CERN’s university of particles (the wooden globe), watched a video simulating the big bang and had a play with the touch screen displays before heading off to our next destination, the U.N building.”

The group’s final day in Geneva was spent exploring the city and shopping.

“We had a fantastic last day in Geneva to top off what was a brilliant trip,” added Phil. “And the drive home through the mountains was breathtaking.”