Scooter row at Bulwell

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Residents at a Bulwell sheltered housing scheme are up in arms over new rules regarding their mobility scooters.

Disabled residents living at Lynam Court, which is managed by Housing Care 21, has put a stop to residents charging up their scooters in the space outside their flats saying it is a fire risk.

They have been told they have to take it in turns to use a charging point next to the communal lounge but they say the idea is ridiculous and making it difficult for those who then struggle to get back home.

“I paid to have a charging point fitted outside my flat and again at my new flat when I moved downstairs totalling £150,” said Mavis Beeston, who suffers from numerous health complaints. “Now I’m told I can’t use what I’ve paid for.

“The whole thing is ridiculous. I even tried parking it outside and charging it through the window but the warden told me I couldn’t do that either.”

Another resident, David Thompson, said the whole situation was a nonsense.

“Don’t they pose a fire risk in the communal area as well? The management need to come up with a better solution than this.”

A spokesman for Housing Care 21 said: “A recent Fire Risk Assessment identified a number of mobility scooters being charged in communal corridors.

“This highlighted significant risks and breaches of fire safety regulations. Currently we have no purpose built scooter store at Lynam Court and alternative charging areas were identified and communicated to residents whilst permanent options are considered.”

We fully appreciate this may cause some residents a slight inconvenience but the safety of our residents is of paramount importance to us.”