Scorchio! Summer arrives at last

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SUMMER has arrived at last — and the Dispatch district has been basking in the hottest week of the year so far.

People had begun to despair of seeing any sunshine and there were ironic comments such as “What’s that yellow thing in the sky?” when the sun shone in all its glory this week, bringing sweltering temperatures.

The big change in the weather could not have been better timed as far as children were concerned, coinciding with the first week of the school summer holidays.

It seems as if the summer has only just started after prolonged periods of torrential rain that forced us to endure the wettest June on record.

Sunseekers took full advantage at HOTSPOTS including Titchfield Park in Hucknall and Bulwell Bogs.

n OUR PHOTO shows Claire Parfitt, Dean Holland, Keiry West and Laura Burton making the most of the sun at Titchfield Park in Hucknall — DISPIC NHUD12-1962-1