Search for conman who tricked pensioner in Bulwell

News from the police
News from the police

Police are looking for a man who is suspected of tricking a partly-disabled Bulwell pensioner out of £100.

The 78-year-old victim, who walks with a stick, does not want to be identified.

He was about to walk into his home after a visit to his bank at about 11.45am on Monday, February 8, when the man approached and asked if he could change £5.

“I got a £2 coin and three £1 coins out of my purse and offered them to him,” said the pensioner. “But the man told me he already had coins and wanted a £5 note.

“I produced my wallet and handed the man a £5 note. He was going to give me the equivalent amount in coins and said it would be a good idea if I put these in a pocket of my wallet so I would have all my money together.

“I tried to do this but two of the coins dropped to the ground.

After picking up the coins, the man said he would see to it and took hold of my wallet to put the coins in. He gave me my wallet back and then walked away, saying he wanted to visit a dentist.

“After he left, I checked the contents of my wallet and found that five £20 banknotes were missing. I felt a fool because I had fallen for what appeared to be a simple scam but it was a callous way to be treated after trying to help somebody out. I wonder if he followed me from the bank.”

The man is described as Asian, aged 25 to 30 and about 5ft 7ins tall.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police or ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.