Search for new vets scours the globe

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A SEARCH for a new vet at a Hucknall practice has led to THREE being appointed — and they all hail from different countries.

The trio are Tom Foster, who is originally from Bermuda, Klaudia Gajos, a native of Poland, and Lauralea Colamussi, who is American.

Tom and Lauralea will be based 80% of the time at Buckley House on West Street, while Klaudia is to spend most of her time at the associated venue of East Midlands Referrals on Nottingham Road.

However, all three will operate across the board at the two surgeries, which are closely linked.

Senior vet Graham Oliver said: “We advertised for a new vet to replace Karen Annett, who has gone to pastures new, and we could not have imagined what an amazing response there proved to be.

“We had no fewer than 40 applications from all over Europe, as well as from Lauralea, and the quality of the candidates who approached us was exceptionally high.”

Mr Oliver said one of the applicants travelled all the way from Bucharest, after which he returned home by train. “We were also contacted by a lady from Dublin and a chap from Athens,” he added.

“This is not the easiest time for veterinary practices. Most of them have seen their client base shrinking because of economic pressures but ours has increased by 13% over the last year. In fact, we are forging forward at a rate of knots.”

The practice has pioneered advances in animal surgery, with a number of ‘world firsts’, and it has just invested £52,000 in ultra-sound and X-ray equipment.

Klaudia (26) said she was already enjoying her new job, which was her first after she graduated as a vet in April. She studied in Poland and Germany and has also done voluntary work in Turkey. Members of her family live in Birmingham.

“I have no preference for the type of animals I deal with,” said Klaudia. “I like cats and dogs, as well as any other type of pet. At East Midlands Referrals, I will be focusing on orthopaedics.”

Tom, who studied at Nottingham University after moving from Bermuda, said he was looking forward to the valuable experience he would gain from working at Buckley House.

Lauralea previously gained experience at Buckley House when she took part in an internship.

n OUR PHOTO shows Klaudia Gajos, Lauralea Colamussi and Tom Foster with Graham Oliver, second right at the East Midlands Referral Veterinary Clinic in Hucknall — DISPIC NHUD12-2579-1.