Seaside play didn’t beach

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n PLAY — ‘Our Day Out’, Lovelace Theatre Group, John Godber Centre

A SEASIDE trip for a group of schoolkids is the theme of this captivating play by award-winning Willy Russell, presented by the Lovelace group to large audiences.

Members of the group’s junior section excelled as the underprivileged remedial youngsters — the ‘progress’ — who go on the coach outing to Scarborough.

During the journey, they come up with some catchy songs, including a version of ‘The Humber Bridge’ that has a rude word in it!

Bernie Kirk gave a spirited performance as the liberal-minded teacher, Mrs Kay, who insists on the trip going ahead despite opposition from her colleagues.

The unruly youngsters get up to all sorts of scrapes, such as abducting creatures from a zoo they visit en route and bamboozling a sweet-shop owner.

Tom Morley was perhaps a tad too young to play the no-nonsense teacher, Mr Briggs. But the pivotal scene in which he saves the unhappy Carol Chandler (Emily Giles) from jumping off a cliff rather than return to her harsh and humdrum life at home was a moving highlight.

Roger Knowles turned in a humorous cameo as the initially grumpy coach driver who swallows a story that the children deserve to be treated with great sympathy because they have had a hard time of it.

Director Linda Mayes achieved just the right balance of drama and comedy that the play demands.

n OUR PHOTO shows Bernie Kirk with stars (from left) Anna Nesbitt, Edward Turner and Daniel Knight