Seat joy for Hucknall’s Byron Community Project

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They have had setbacks, delays and disappointment but the Byron Community Project volunteers are this week celebrating the acquisition of seats which will help make their dream of bringing the Byron Cinema back to life a reality.

The group had originally earmarked old aircraft seats for the scheme but it was then discovered these wouldn’t be suitable for the space.

They were then promised seats from Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall but were left empty-handed after discovering they were to be kept by the contractors.

But finally after much negotiations and navigating the collection of 400 seats from the Plaza Cinema in Stockport, the group have secured the much-needed seating.

“It’s taken us a year, and we’ve had many set-backs and disappointments, but we now have 400 seats in the auditorium,” said chairman of the Byron Community Project, Ria Cash.

“Last Sunday we travelled to Stockport and bought a set of vintage seats,” added Ria.

“It was a really good community effort. A team of volunteers travelled to Stockport, and there were reinforcements waiting on our return to Hucknall.”

The Byron Community Project has attracted volunteers from across all age groups.

“Some of our core team are pensioners,” explained Ria, “and a couple of helpers on Sunday were school children. They have to be accompanied by parents for legal reasons, but it’s great to get the younger generation involved.”

Thirteen-year old, Charley Hawthorne-Bales, from Mulberry Grove, was one of the volunteers.

“I think it’s important for young people to help with the Byron Project,” said Charley. “They’ve never got to see what the Byron used to be like. It will be nice to have a cinema in Hucknall, rather than have to go into Nottingham.”

Core team member, Janice Burbridge summed the day up: “It was good. Hard work, but really worth it.”