Second bid to build on land at Emperor’s Way

Community event.
Community event.

A bid to build 12 houses, a convenience store and three more buildings, on land off Emperors Way in Hucknall, has been lodged with Ashfield District Council (ADC).

The ‘hybrid application’ by Newcrest Estates for residential development is within a wider area on which around 825 dwellings are under construction.

It was previously turned down by ADC in March because planners said a proposed urban square fails to connect to the ‘wider development’, to the ‘detriment of the visual amenity of the site’.

ADC officers said it was also contrary to the Ashfield Local Plan Review 2002 and the National Planning Policy Framework, which ‘promote sustainable development and its role that well designed buildings and places can improve the lives of people and communities’.

But a report, prepared by Allen Planning Ltd in behalf of the land owners, argues: “The supporting officer’s delegated report provides no substantial criticism of the proposed design of the development, but focuses on a perceived failure to ‘establish a sense of place’.”

The revised application offers to ‘provide for an attractive and active frontage’ to a proposed square, and an ‘attractive cycle/footway’ linking the square to the shops.

Newcrest Estates, which is currently developing around £25 million of real estate and in the past has developed around £77 million, says it is considering whether to appeal against the March decision.

The consultation period ends on 6th July and a decision will be made under delegated powers before October.