Selston by-election: candidate profiles

Nine people are bidding to win one of two council seats up for grabs at by-elections in Ashfield this week.

By Dispatch Reporter
Wednesday, 25th November 2015, 11:59 am
Voters in Douglas East have been voting today.

The by-elections were called following the resignation of Gail Turner from both Ashfield District Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.

The long-serving Selston Independents representative stepped down from the authorities due to her sister’s deteriorating health.

The by-elections will be held tomorrow, Thursday, November 26, with five candidates standing for each seat, including one man standing in both.

Standing for the Selston ward seat on the district council are: Labour candidate Donna Gilbert, of Lime Tree Avenue, Kirkby; Christine Quinn-Wilcox, of Lilley Close, Selston, for the Selston Parish Independents; Conservative Michelle Sims, of Green Farm Road, Selston; Independent Anna Wilson, of Blackwell Road, Huthwaite; and UKIP candidate Ray Young, of Derbyshire Drive, Westwood.

Standing for the Selston division seat on the county council are: Labour candidate Mike Hollis, of Wild Hill, Teversal; David Martin, of Lawrence Park, Underwood, for the Selston Parish Independents; Conservative Paul Saxelby, of Farnsworth Grove, Huthwaite; Independent Sam Wilson, of Hanstubbin Road, Selston; and UKIP candidate Ray Young, of Derbyshire Drive, Westwood.

Donna Gilbert DISTRICT


Donna said: “Twice surviving open heart surgery and meningitis has given me a fighting spirit. This determination and passion has given me the strong voice needed to speak up for the residents of Selston, not from the sidelines, but in the room where decisions are made.

“As a lifelong resident of Kirkby, I have strong family connections to Selston. I remember fondly playing on the parks as a child, the unique environment and sense of community that made Selston such a special place to live. That specialness needs to be protected.

“Ten years as a civil servant taught me the value of working with others to bring about better services. Having received a police commendation for my volunteer work, I am committed to ensuring those better services come to Selston.”

Michelle Sims DISTRICT


Michelle said: “I was born in Yorkshire and I moved down to Nottinghamshire in 1983. I have lived in the village of Selston for 32 years and have been an active part of the local community throughout my time here.

“I am passionate about education and I have been in the profession of teaching for twenty two years.

“I have recently become involved in politics and the Conservative Party and I hope to be able to support and represent the people of Selston.”

Christine Louise Quinn Wilcox DISTRICT


She said: “I am retired after working for the police for 15 years and have plenty of time to help the community.

“The welfare of vulnerable and elderly people is of paramount concern to me. If we want to keep people mobile and fit we need to be make sure they can actually do that with decent street paving.

“I want to keep building on the greenbelt to a minimum and would like to work on grass roots issues to make life easier for people in Selston and improve their standards of living.

“I am concerned about the youth in the area who can easily be disenfranchised and want to encourage their involvement in the village.”

Anna Wilson DISTRICT


“I am Selston born and bred, my family have lived here for 200 years.

“I am standing because I have always been involved in the background, want to see things in Selston improve.

“I believe in team work and I think that has been secret of Independent success here. We want to build on what has already happened. I am particularly concerned about young people locally, and want to keep services for the elderly. If you are not careful in a rural area services are cut.

“Because we don’t follow a party whip we are able to voice the needs and concerns of residents. That’s what we are here for.”



He said: “My family were all miners, I’ve lived in Westwood for 25 years after marrying a local girl.

“I believe the concerns of the people of the Selston wards are based around health care, employment, housing, education, transport and pensions.

“The main political parties have failed you. They take your money and give you nothing. They take your silence for your consent to take you for granted.

“If given the opportunity to represent you I will fight for your rights, YOU are the BOSS.

“UKIP believe in local councils having more power but councillors are more accountable. VOTE FOR CHANGE.”

David Bernard Martin COUNTY

Selston Parish Independents

David is married with two children and lives in Underwood. A self-employed builder, he has been a parish councillor since 2012 and is active with the Friends of Cromford Canal.

He said: “We are a group with a large political range from left to right but our common interest is working for the benefit of Selston parish.

“It’s despicable that Selston is the largest parish in the country with just over 10,000 electors and we are treated like a cash cow by the Labour dominated district and county councils!”

David wants to hold Ashfield council to account for budget cuts that have hit Selston disproportionately hard and for what he describes as the council’s ‘fiscal ineptitude.’

Mike Hollis COUNTY


Mike Hollis is Nottinghamshire born and bred, runs a small business here in Ashfield and is passionate about campaigning on the issues that matter to local people in Selston, Jacksdale and Underwood.

Mike is campaigning to ensure the County Council bring faster, more reliable broadband internet to the area to make sure local people and businesses get the same opportunities as those living in larger towns and cities. He is also campaigning to tackle pot holes, for action on speeding on our roads and improved traffic calming measures on Nottingham Road.

Mike promises to be a strong local voice for the area and has been listening to local people about their priorities for the future of our local communities.

Paul James Saxelby COUNTY


He said: “I’m 46 years old, was born in Mansfield and moved to Ashfield for over 15 years with my wife and three children. I moved to Ashfield after finishing my military career.

“I am currently chair of Governors of my local primary school. I am determined to work hard for Selston, Jacksdale and Underwood, standing up for local people and holding Labour to account at County Hall.

“So please lend me your vote in the election, and help the Conservatives stand up for hardworking families against Labour’s serious risk to our economy’s security and your family’s security.”

Sam Wilson COUNTY


He said: “I was born and bred in Selston and have worked in the parish all my life. My two children attended parish schools. I have been a parish and district councillor for Selston for almost nine years. I feel this has served as an excellent apprenticeship for the role of county councillor.

“In my councillor role I have gritted the roads, unblocked drains, strimmed the footpaths and cut hedges, removed fallen trees and best of all come into contact with a great number of the local community.

“I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your support in the upcoming election.”