Selston group starts foodbank and organises cancer charity event

Selston residents decorate the village Christmas tree after an appeal on the #SelstonTogether Facebook group.
Selston residents decorate the village Christmas tree after an appeal on the #SelstonTogether Facebook group.

A group of Ashfield villagers opposed to a referendum on private security firms say the controversy has sparked a greater community spirit in the area.

The #SelstonTogether group, formed on Facebook is setting up a food bank and its members have organised a cancer charity event.

They say they want to make Selston a better place folowing recent media coveragethey say has ‘slated’ the area.

Caroline Wilkinson said: “Selston is a lovely place and so are the people.

“We are outraged that it has been slated in recent weeks . We are not saying the area doesn’t have problems but they are nowhere near as bad as is being made out.”

“However great good has come out of this, and our community has come together, new friendships formed and generally people coming forward and wanting to help Selston become a better place.

A food bank has been set up and items are being collected at Selston Church of Christ on Portland Road, Selston.

Caroline said: “A food bank was started over a week ago, and the response has been incredible, donations are currently going to Selston Sarnies which is owned by Emma Olden, and she is even giving free cups of tea away to anyone who takes in a donation.

“But the biggest thing that we have organised so far is a charity event, which is taking place on the 27th December, at Jacksdale Welfare, The Manager Ydelle Wilbraham has given up the whole building free of charge for this event which is incredible, she’s also donated a prize for the raffle which is a complete party with food which is worth £100.”

All proceeds taken that day is going to a children’s charity CYPICS and the money will be sent to The Queens Medical Centre at Nottingham University.

The group which has two other Facebook pages #JacksdaleTogther and #UnderwoodTogether has a total of 2,000 members and has also organised Christmas events in the village.

Caroline added:

“We now have around 2000 people on these sites combined, which is fantastic.

“The response we have had is amazing, real community spirit, our Christmas tree was looking a bit sad so a resident called Nikki Oates put a post on #SelstonTogether for parents and children to come together that night,

they were to meet at the christmas tree armed with baubles and tinsel to decorate it, and sure enough that’s what happened,

Councillor Sam wilson came with a generator for the lighting and Christmas music, and chocolate for the children, Emma Olden who owns Selston Sarnies bought everybody cookies.

“It was a fantastic night for all, we do have two PCSOs but on the night it was our local PCSO Simon who came to support us , along with so many others.

“The atmosphere was tremendous , our tree has ended up looking great, but most of all the kids loved it and once again the community pulled together.”

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