Senior police officer investigated over alleged misconduct

A SENIOR police officer with connections to Hucknall is being investigated over allegations of possible misconduct.

Marcus Beale was a rookie cop with the Nottinghamshire force when he played cricket for former club Hucknall Ramblers in the early 1980s. They played their home matches at Titchfield Park.

Mr Beale rose to the rank of chief superintendent in Notts before transferring to the Staffordshire force, where he was assistant chief constable.

He is currently one of four assistant chief constables with West Midlands Police. He has responsibility for counter-terrorism, the policing of Coventry and Solihull and for the learning and development needs of staff.

The investigation, by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (PCC), relates to Staffordshire Police’s probe into the gangland murder in 2002 of amateur footballer Kevin Nunes, a 20-year-old drug-dealer who used to be on the books of Tottenham Hotspur.

Five men were jailed in 2008 for Nunes’s shooting. But they lodged an appeal, and the IPCC have stepped in amid concerns that evidence might have been withheld from the prosecution and from the court.

Mr Beale is one of four former or current senior Staffordshire Police officers under investigation. They all remain in their posts and a police spokesman stressed that the probe did not necessarily indicate any wrongdoing.