Shark charity bring awareness message

A former pupil from Hucknall’s Holy Cross Primary has returned to her home town to spread the word about sharks.

Liz Ward-Sing is a conservation worker for Shark Guardian - a shark and marine conservation worldwide charity based in Thailand.

As part of her role within the organisation, Liz will be spreading the message about the charity in a bid to raise awareness about sharks and their importance in our world.

She will be visiting schools and community venues across the district to inform and educate people about their work.

“We aim to advance the conservation of shark species worldwide for their sustainable management and to protect the natural environment,”explains Liz. “We do this through education, conservation, developing skills, and promoting research and projects.”

Shark Guardian will be visiting Leen Mills and Holy Cross on Monday 9th December and will be holding a session at the John Godber Centre on Ogle Street on Wednesday 11th December at 6.30pm.

“We would love to see as many people as possible,” said Liz. “Everyone is welcome to come and learn all about sharks through our work.”

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