Sherwood MP Mark Spencer calls for review on speeding laws

A major review of the laws on speeding and sentencing needs to take place to ensure better safety on the roads.

That’s the view of Hucknall MP Mark Spencer who obtained a debate in the House of Commons to discuss Road Traffic Offences (Sentencing).

Mr Spencer was speaking following an incident in his constituency when a lady was knocked over and seriously injured.

Mr Spencer told fellow MPs that the driver involved in the incident was not prosecuted because he was already due to be sentenced for another offence.

Speaking to the Dispatch this week, Mr Spencer said: “I’m irritated by it as it seems the authorities seem to target the easy targets.

“If you get done for driving at 34 in a 30 zone, you expect someone who has been doing something worse to be treated appropriately and in a proportional way.

“It’s just unfair. Some cases are complicated but it seems to me that careless driving is easier to get a conviction than dangerous driving. It’s a massive issue n my constituency.”

He has called on the police to act, the Crown Prosecution Service to support the police and for motorists to drive better in the first place.