Shock closure of Red Cross shop

A CHARITY shop in Hucknall has been forced to shut because it isn’t making enough profit.

The Red Cross store on High Street is now closed and the premises are being advertised for rent.

Tony Starczewski, Red Cross’s retail field manager, said: “We have decided not to renew the lease. Unfortunately the level of profit at the charity shop has declined over the last few years and it was no longer making enough profit to justify staying open.

“As a charity reliant on public donations, we have a responsibility to make the best use of the limited funds available and ensure that money is used effectively.

“We’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to the shop, either by donating or as a customer or volunteer.”

Details of what has happened to the staff employed at the Hucknall shop have not been released. The nearest Red Cross shop is now on Highbury Road, Bulwell.