Show Me Shoes opens in Hucknall

Sam Ward outside his Watnall Road shop, Show Me Shoes.
Sam Ward outside his Watnall Road shop, Show Me Shoes.

A young entrepreneur from Brighton has set up a brand new shoe shop on Watnall Road in Hucknall.

Show Me Shoes opened its doors last week and owner Sam Ward says the response from local customers has so far been overwhelming.

Sam (24) decided to take the plunge with his own firm after six years of experience in retail, working for big chains like Marks & Spencer, Next, Matalan and New Look.

He said: “A lot of the ladies in Hucknall have been complaining that they have had nowhere to buy shoes since Jonathan James closed down.

“There is a massive need for a shoe shop and the response so far has been really, really good.

“The population of Hucknall is slightly older than the UK average - and people are crying out for shoes that suit the older customer - they are looking for wide-fit and more comfortable shoes. The quality of our shoes is fantastic.”

At the moment the store is specialising in ladies’ shoes, but will extend its stock over the coming weeks to include men’s footwear as well.

It already sells a range of shoes for children and will be expanding its range in time for the back-to-school period

Sam also stocks a wide range of ladies handbags, purses and accessories.

The shop is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday, and is manned singlehandedly by Sam.

He moved up to Hucknall from Brighton in 2011 to be with his partner and lives on Derbyshire Lane.

He said: “Because I am running the store myselfI am literally asking the customers what they would like to see.

“They tell me what they want and I order it really quickly. I can do specialist shoe orders because I am such a small company.”

To find out more about the shop and forthcoming special offers, pop in or check out their Facebook page, or call 0115 964 0265.