Showbiz boss on new TV show

ENTERTAINMENT was laid on to celebrate the selection of a Hucknall businessman to appear on a brand-new TV show.

David Stevenson is to feature on the programme, ‘Be Your Own Boss’, to be screened on BBC 3.

And as part of the challenge he was set, David hosted a launch night for his business, using £100 to pay for advertising of the event.

Entertainers for the evening included two Hucknall singers, Katie Negus and Kurt Martinez.

The show will allow young businessmen and women to compete against each other for the ultimate prize of capital investment.

David, who has wide experience and contacts within the entertainment industry, will be entering the show with his business, D Double D Management Company, of Nottingham.

Leading entrepreneur Richard Reed is investing £1 million of his own money into new and up-and-coming ventures.

To select the right ones to invest in, he has chosen to set a number of challenges.

Five hundred applicants were given a deadline to make as much money as they could. They had to film themselves spending the money, and they will showcase their work on Saturday and Sunday June 2 and 3.

Eighteen people chosen for the second round will receive £5,000 into their businesses. They are then followed round by someone like a fly on the wall to show where they have to develop their business idea more and really start to make headway with it.

The three people who survive for the final round, having made the most progress with sustainable business-ideas, will receive £30,000 investment. The winner will have a major cash injection as Richard becomes a partner in the business.

David, who has also made his name as an actor, is keen to help talented people from the East Midlands to find work. He says: “I feel that a lot of talent is going to waste. I want to give everyone a chance and to showcase their talent, with our ultimate goal of becoming the top management company in the Midlands.”

With regard to his acting career, David says: “I have had a large number of opportunities come up. However the economic downturn has hit the showbiz industry and a lot of the roles I used to fill have now become surplus to requirements.”