Singing cabbie Derek surprises passengers with vocal talent

WHEN passengers climb into the back seat of Derek Chambers’ cab, they get more than they bargained for.

The driver, who has worked for Bulwell based Central Cars for 15 years, has more up his sleeve than mere driving skills as the popular cabbie is also a talented singer.

So as well as paying for their fares, after hearing Derek sing during their journey, passengers are eager to snap up his CDs.

“My CD sales are going from strength to strength,” said a delighted Derek. “I sold five in one morning the other day and passengers are buying them to send to friends and family overseas, which is brilliant.”

The 59-year-old got into singing quite late but has become very popular with his passengers and regulars at venues across the area where he performs.

“I play at the welfares and working men’s clubs across the area to the older generation who seem to really appreciate my singing,” explained Derek who covers songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s. “But I was surprised the other day when I had a couple of lads in the car who were only in their 20s and asked to buy one. I thought they were kidding but they actually bought one.”

The crooner made his third CD about three years ago but for some reason sales have recently picked up.

“I even brought one girl to tears in the back of my car with a Roger Whitaker cover. Her boyfriend was serving in Afghanistan at the time and she said the lyrics were so real to her situation.”

Now with sales on the increase, Derek, who sings favourites by Sinatra, Englebert and Dean Martin, says his customers are now demanding he cut another CD.

“And now I have my music overseas, maybe now is the time to launch my own webpage,” added Derek.

“I just want to thank my customers who offer their support and have bought my music.”