Sisters’ street-bash toast to Wills and Kate

Beryl Tomlinson Shirley Williamson   get ready for a Royal Wedding street party on Green Close in Hucknall
Beryl Tomlinson Shirley Williamson get ready for a Royal Wedding street party on Green Close in Hucknall

WHEN Hucknall sisters Beryl Tomlinson and Shirley Williamson heard about the upcoming royal wedding, the news was right up their street — literally.

Beryl (72) and Shirley (75), who both live on Green Close, Butlers Hill, are keen fans of the royal family.

And they are organising a street party on the close on Friday April 29 — the day Prince William and Kate Middleton get married at Westminster Abbey.

“I like a good party,” said Beryl. “I took part in street parties when I was a little girl, for example just after World War Two. I have never forgotten how much fun they were and how they brought neighbours together. Kate and William inspired us to organise the party.

“Princess Diana and her two boys have been wonderful and have truly modernised the royal family. I think Prince William will make a great king as he is very much like his mum and Kate is a lovely girl. She is a breath of fresh air, seems down-to-earth and will make a super queen.”

Beryl and Shirley think the royal family are ‘a very important part of this country’. They point out that everyone all over the world knows who the Queen is or remembers Princess Diana.

The sisters were both born and raised in Hucknall. Beryl has lived on Green Close for seven years and Shirley has been a resident there for about 12 years.

“When I was young, most people knew their neighbours but nowadays this does not happen as much,” said Beryl. “We have a mix of people on the road, everyone from pensioners to young people. I think the party will be a good way of reviving community spirit.

“I have seven other siblings and because I come from a big family with lots of grandchildren, I have first-hand experience of what it is like when people get together and celebrate.

“There is that much doom and gloom in the world with the economy at the moment, so I thought why not let your hair down?”

The sisters used to cater for wedding receptions, so they will use their skills to bake a special William and Kate wedding cake. They will also have balloons and decorations while the food on offer will include sandwiches, trifles, pork pies, quiches and crab sticks.

Shirley said: “I just hope the street party is a success and we are praying hard for a fine day. I hope everyone will join in, no matter what age they are.”

Beryl has two children, Stephen Tomlinson and Denise Finlay, as well as seven grandchildren — some of whom will help her set up the street party — and three great grand-daughters. She worked at the former Pork Farms shops in Hucknall and Bulwell for 20 years.

Shirley has a son, Kevin Williamson, a daughter, Lynda Walker, six grandchildren and four great grandchldren.

Other Hucknall people planning a street party are asked to contact Notts County Council by Thursday March 31 so it can look into road closures. Parties can be registered online at by ringing the highways area office for Ashfield on 01623 520739.