Sixth formers praised for Dodgeball fundraiser

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Holgate Academy Sixth Form students George Blisset, Lewis Nixon and Jenton Ellis-Enright organised a fantastic event for charity that raised over £500 on the last day of the spring term just before the Easter holiday.

They were absolutely awesome when arranging a Dodgeball tournament! This involved students from across all years.

They worked their socks off on the event and it was extremely well organised - and was no mean feat to manage dozens of teams of kids from all year groups and an over excited staff team.

All the students who took part loved it and it was so nice to watch an all year group event like this with everyone mixing so well together.

Jenton and George managed a court each with such spirit and efficiency and it’s a testament to their skills that so many games were played in sequence. Behind the scenes, and masterminding the running order and organising the teams, was Lewis who made sure the right team got on court for the right match.

The atmosphere that night in the Barn was magical as a good plan came together and a lot of fun was had by all the contestants - and the staff team were whitewashed into oblivion!

Despite the fridge being full of first aid icepacks no injuries were sustained (apart from a few bruised egos!)

“Honestly those three Sixth Form lads were just amazing and they have the full admiration of the whole academy for what they achieved AND in raising so much money for a good cause,” said Sixth Form learning mentor, Paul Holding. “George, Lewis and Jenton are stars of the Holgate team.”