Smash and grab raids at shops

RAIDED -- Tim Gudgeon outside the targeted Dayus store -- DISPIC NHUD11-3232-1
RAIDED -- Tim Gudgeon outside the targeted Dayus store -- DISPIC NHUD11-3232-1

A BRAZEN thief smashed his way into a shop, using a weightlifting bar and a rock, as two prominent Hucknall businesses were targeted inside a few hours.

Connections are being drawn between the raids, which have similarities in how they were carried out.

The first happened at Dayus Furnishers on Annesley Road between 6 am and 7.20 am on Sunday November 27.

Then, at 7.20 pm on the same day, Byron Carpets, of Yorke Street, was hit by a break-in.

In both, the raiders smashed through a window or a door.

The Dayus break-in was caught on CCTV footage and, amazingly, went on for more than an hour.

The man used the three-foot bar in an attempt to get in through the front window.

Each time a vehicle or pedestrian passed, he hid from view.

He then fetched a rock and eventually created a hole big enough to reach through and steal items.

He made off with a tray full of small-sized silver rings worth £1,000. He caused £500 worth of damage to the window, which had been trimmed with Christmas decorations.

The man was white, 6’ tall, thin and wearing a black hat, black coat and black tracksuit bottoms.

Dayus (formerly known as Pine Cupboard) has been in Hucknall for more than 40 years. Owner Tim Gudgeon, who lives on Mill Yard near to the shop, said: “This is sad for us. Things aren’t brilliant in retail at the moment but you try your best and something like this happens.

“It is a real kick and demoralising for us. I can’t believe it went on for an hour and the police weren’t called sooner.”

In the break-in at Byron Carpets, the raider smashed through reinforced glass in the large front door.

An initial hole was made by a round implement, possibly a bar.

The thief escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash and caused up to £800 worth of damage to the door.

Onwer Andrew Morley said: “It is just mindless. Someone has come in and taken money. But the damage and trouble it has caused far outweighs that.”

The police are investigating both break-ins. Witnesses or anyone with information should call officers on 101.

Alternatively, ring the free and confidential Crimestoppers hotline on 0800 555111.