Soloman Grundy guest column: Why people will always love listening to radio

Soloman Grundy.
Soloman Grundy.

In the modern world of technology and fast living, everyone, young and old still loves the sound of radio, whether it is on air, online or a mobile Device.

Here in Ashfield we are fortunate to be able to listen to Acacia Radio, a Community Radio Station which provides diversity in the daily provision of programmes, including music across the spectrum and highlighting local issues and support to the Ashfield Community.

Community Radio Stations broadcast to a small local area, normally within a three mile radius and are recognised under the Communications Act 2003 as a direct third tier of radio throughout the UK.

Online streaming has solved these restrictions and has provided the opportunity for Community Stations to broadcast outside the range of terrestrial transmitters.

Acacia Radio is manned entirely by Volunteers, who receive no payment or expenses, broadcasts from the Acacia Centre, Acacia Avenue, Annesley Woodhouse on 1287AM, and locally and internationally on

Unlike local commercial and mainstream stations; Acacia Radio is driven by the community it serves, and is a self funding, non-profit making organisation.

However, financial assistance, funding and support are essential to obtain the required licenses and promote and develop future plans and facilities.

Achieving over 3,000 regular listeners, locally and internationally, the aim of Acacia Radio is to become the number one community Radio Station throughout Ashfield, providing a musical, humorous, participating and informative base for all the people of Ashfield, plus ex-pats and family and friends living, working or on holiday around the world.

Acacia Radio has the capacity to promote all that is good about Ashfield society and provides a powerful tool in bringing numerous activities, charities and organisations to the fore, offering a variety of programme content that is not necessarily provided by larger or indeed local commercial radio stations.

Acacia Radio is here for you and programmes include The Morning Show with Mike Jackson, Lucas Jackson’s Random Slam and specialized musical shows including Heavier than Time with Evermore Evil, Paul Lightly’s Motown and Northern Soul and The Sunday Service with Ian Hales.

Community participation and information shows include; Monday Night with Dave Sadler and the ever popular Sunday Roast with Soloman Grundy and Richie Rich, which includes interviews, news and information from around the Ashfield Community.

Acacia Radio is more than thankful to the management and staff at the Acacia Centre for their support over the past year in providing the basic essentials and facilities.

We also thank the community of Ashfield for their support and participation in our programmes and their contribution to numerous functions held throughout the year, the next being the Acacia Centre Easter Fete on Saturday 6th April, 10am-4pm, which also helps to raise valuable funding for Acacia Radio.

For more information regarding programmes visit or regarding assistance with and the promotion of Community activities or events and Acacia Radio funding or functions, telephone Tracy on 01623 721056, e-mail

ACACIA RADIO broadcasts on 1287AM, and locally and throughout the world on – Doing It Just For You.