South Yorkshire toddler suffers ‘horrific’ burns on crazy golf tee-off

A South Yorkshire toddler suffered horrific burns after scorching his foot on a piece of sun-baked metal playing crazy golf on holiday.
Charlies foot injuryCharlies foot injury
Charlies foot injury

Little Charlie Russell, aged three, from Maltby, Rotherham, was left with severe burns after stepping on a metal tee-off strip on a kids’ crazy golf course in Ibiza.

His furious dad James Russell, 32, who is planning to sue, said Thomson has not issued an apology

He added: “It’s an absolute disgrace how we have been treated.

Dad James with three-year-old CharlieDad James with three-year-old Charlie
Dad James with three-year-old Charlie

“There is no way that metal strip should have been there in the first place when you are aiming the area at young children.”

Within 12 hours of the accident, hotel bosses had removed the offending strip and put up a warning sign for other parents. .

Mr Russell added: “It was a disaster waiting to happen. My son was horrifically burnt by it and then went through agony in hospital.”

The angry dad contacted Thomson but he said they refused to take him seriously or apologise for his son’s injuries.

It took only seconds for the metal to sear through the sole of the three-year-old’s foot and ruin the Russell family’s £3,500 holiday.

The family had only been on the island a matter of hours before the injury effectively ended the holiday for dad, mum Terrie and brothers Logan, nine, and Ethan, six.

Mr Russell said: “When Charlie was injured that was it – we couldn’t take him on the beach or by the pool or enjoy it as a family and that was the whole point of the holiday.”

The toddler had to be taken to a medical centre in the next village where the flap of skin was peeled off, given cooling cream and strong paracetamol.

Charlie needed further treatment to the burn at Rotherham Hospital.

Travel lawyer Simon Lomax, of Simpson Millar solicitors, said: “This attraction should have been vetted in advance as the resort is a magnet for children.”

A statement by Thomson said: “First Choice is sorry to hear about the injury sustained by Charlie Russell whilst on holiday in Ibiza.

“Our legal team has been in direct contact with the Russell family’s solicitors and as it is subject to legal proceedings it would be inappropriate for us to comment further.”