Speedwatch has dangerous drivers in sight

IN A first for Nottingham, police have worked with the city council to set up a ‘community speedwatch’ across Bulwell.

It was formed after residents raised concerns about speeding motorists during a meeting with councillors.

Seven volunteers have signed up so far and have been trained to operate a police speed gun, with two more due to be trained soon.

In their first session, five people were caught speeding on Bestwood Road

Bulwell’s police chief, Insp Andy Goodall hopes the speedwatches will make drivers more aware of their speed and help to make the roads safer for everyone.

“This scheme was launched as a result of local residents raising their concerns about speeding motorists and the inherent danger this brings to all members of the public,” he said.

“The scheme allows the community to play their part alongside the police in tackling this issue.”

The speedwatch can operate on any road in the Bulwell and Bulwell Forest wards which have speed limits of between 20 and 40 mph.

Police worked with the One Vision Partnership, the Neighbouhood Watch co-ordinator, Neighbourhood Management and Bulwell Forest ward councillors, who are mainly from Neighbourhood Watch groups across Bulwell.

They were then given training to use the speed monitoring equipment from police officers. Funding was given by councillors of Bulwell’s two wards through a ward budget paid for by city council taxpayers.

This was used to purchase speed monitoring equipment, high-visibility jackets for the volunteers and speedwatch signs to be placed on the road.

Drivers caught speeding will receive letters explaining that they were recorded travelling over the speed limit. Those caught more than once will have their details passed on to the police, who may decide to take action.