Spook sighted at Newstead?

Joshua Priestley
Joshua Priestley

Just in time for Halloween a Dispatch reader has contacted us with news of a haunting encounter at Newstead Abbey, and a picture taken on his phone of a figure which inexplicably transformed itself.

Hucknall’s Joshua Priestley and his partner Helen Clarke were walking back from the abbey towards the entrance when a black figure in a long coat walked out in front of them from the trees.

Joshua said: “I’d looked out into the field seconds before and nobody was there at all. It walked all the way up the road to the little house which lets the cars in and stopped.

“It seemed to be bobbing up and down but wasn’t moving anywhere. Then it looked to be coming back towards us. We got really close when a car overtook us.

“The figure was now a young modern-looking girl staring into the house. We thought she was real at the time but now thinking about it, she couldn’t have been.

“There was no way she could have appeared in the short space of a car over taking us and she disappeared from our sight extremely quickly!

“She was no more than three feet away from us. She was alone and just staring.

“What she looked like was nothing like the figure. Here is our picture of the figure. You may need to zoom in!”