‘Spring Into Summer’ concert is music to ears of parish church

Nottingham Concert Band
Nottingham Concert Band

MUSIC-lovers in Hucknall are invited to ‘Spring Into Summer’ with a concert that will raise money for the fighting fund to repair the tower at the town’s parish church.

The Nottingham Concert Band are stepping into the limelight at the historic landmark on Market Place on Saturday March 31.

Under the baton of conductor and musical director Robert Parker, the band has compiled a diverse programme packed with show tunes and light classics. Tickets are on sale now.

There will also be a performance of ‘A Nottingham Festival’ by British composer Philip Sparke, which the Nottingham Concert Band, based in West Bridgford, commissioned to mark their 20th anniversary last year.

The money raised will go towards the £150,000 initiative to make repairs to the church where parts of the iconic tower are crumbling.

Cracks were discovered during an architectural assessment last year.

Several buttresses require attention, while sandstone brickwork is in urgent need of repair.

Church leaders took action by launching a fighting fund, with the aim of collecting enough money for the necessary works to be done before the building becomes unsafe and has to close to the public.

n OUR PHOTO shows the Nottingham Concert Band.