Street rocked by stolen lorry on rampage

A SHOCKED Hucknall couple have spoken of their horror when a stolen lorry smashed into cars parked metres from their home.

Ashley Smith (41) and his pregnant wife Leona (27), of Polperro Way, were in the kitchen at about 10 pm on Wednesday when the articulated lorry struck their two cars, causing extensive damage.

Leona’s Ford Fiesta was dragged up the road after it was speared by protective railings on the side of the lorry’s trailer.

The driver of the lorry abandoned the vehicle by the Harrier pub on Christchurch Road and fled in a larger vehicle, which had been travelling in tandem.

Pallets filled with copper worth £20,000 were stolen from the crashed vehicle.

Mr Smith said: “Leona thought it was thunder at first — that’s how loud the bang was.

“We had a look outside and the car was gone.

“Our first thought was to ring the police because it had been stolen. But it turned out the car had been dragged off down the road.”

Ashley’s Honda 4x4 vehicle was also hit by the lorry, causing a wheel axle to snap.

A neighbour’s Vauxhall Vectra car was also damaged by the lorry, which is owned by haulage company Mitchells, of Mansfield, and was stolen from a depot in Sutton-in-Ashfield at about 8.10 the same evening.

Added Ashley: “Leona is six months pregnant and she was becoming a bit stressed out. Our first priority was to get her calmed down.

“It was only when I went outside that I realised what was going on.

“Quite a few people were already out on the street. It was almost like it was part of a film. You half-expected someone to shout cut.”

The Smiths spent yesterday morning (Thursday) ringing round their insurance providers and picking up the pieces.

Said Ashley: “It looks like both cars will be write-offs, but no-one was hurt and it could have been a lot worse if someone had been on the pavement or been driving past at the time.”

Polperro Way neighbour Dan Carp (30) said he snatched open his curtains and saw the lorry careering down the road.

“I had just got up to turn the lights off when I heard the bang. As I was right by the window, I looked out straight away.

“The lorry careered towards the corner and then Leona’s car came loose from under the vehicle and rolled towards the house. The car came to a halt about four feet away from my car. I was lucky it was not damaged.”

Anyone with information on the drama should ring the police on 0300 3009999.