Stuart sheds over 20 stone in a year

A car crash is enough for anyone to re-evaluate how they live, but for one larger-than-life man, it led him to losing an incredible 20 STONE in just over a year.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 15th October 2013, 5:17 pm
Stuart Eggleshaw who no longer needs his old trousers after losing 20 stone in weight.
Stuart Eggleshaw who no longer needs his old trousers after losing 20 stone in weight.

Super slimmer Stuart Eggleshaw (42), who works as the scoreboard operator at Mansfield Town, once tipped the scales at a belly-busting 37 stone.

But after having his minor crash on in August last year, it was his pride that came off worst, and he realised he could face serious health issues if he did not change his lifestyle.

Stuart, who lives in Kirkby, explained: “I was not seriously injured, but the realisation came that had I needed medical intervention could they lift me? Would I be able to get into an ambulance? That really was my wake-up call.

“It could have been very different.”

Stuart admits he had spent his whole adult life overweight but would ignore advice on his weight. He says it was more down to the quality of the food that he ate, such as pasties and crisps, although he did not eat takeaways regularly and was not a heavy drinker.

“Since my teenage years I have been overweight,” said the avid Stags fan.

“At 18, during a medical my doctor said I was obese although I was mortified that I did nothing about changing my lifestyle - I’ve spent years thinking about it, carrying on regardless eating crisps, pasties and chocolate, convincing myself I was okay.

“I’d tried before to lose weight, but I’d only go to the gym and not change my eating habits.”

But he took the plunge and joined his local Slimming World groups, which he says was daunting, especially when he had to stand on the scales for the first time.

“I’d convinced myself that I was about 28 stone, but it was embarrassing to find out it was 37,” he said.

However, it made him more determined to shed the weight and Stuart says he has really enjoyed losing the weight under the Slimming World programme.

Now in his 57th week of his life-changing diet, he now weighs-in at 16st 8lbs, and has set himself a target weight of 15 stone.

“I have really enjoyed it,” he added.

“I had no idea it would come off like this, although I know initially I’d lose a lot, but it’s been at a healthy rate.

“I’m just absolutely ecstatic, the support and encouragement I’ve been given from family and friends has been great, and I’ve had some lovely comments, it’s been quite humbling.

“One friend who I hadn’t seen for ages didn’t even recognise me when he walked pas!

“I’m loving feeling happy and looking forward to the next chapter in the life.”