Su Pollard says Hi-de-Hi to Nottingham as Mimi the Mermaid in Peter Pan pantomime

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Nottingham’s Theatre Royal will be welcoming the city’s very own veteran star of stage and screen when it opens this year’s pantomime - Su Pollard.

Peter Pan will be prancing into swashbuckling action in this fun translation of the JM Barrie classic tale of the boy who can fly and never ages.

It seems the same can be said of Su Pollard who it seems that after 40 years in showbusiness is still flying high and maintaining her original quirky style and quick humour.

Still remembered most fondly for her role as chalet maid Peggy in Hi-de-Hi, Su is preparing for her move back to Nottingham for the panto season ahead but isn’t afraid to look back on her time as the TV favourite.

“I look back on Hi-de-Hi with fondness,” explained Su. “It’s great to be well-remembered and loved for a part and it is a show that people continue to enjoy.

“It would be churlish to turn my back on the show that so many people liked - it would be like burying people’s memories so I just embrace it.”

Another Hi-de-Hi favourite and famed xylophone player, Ruth Madoc,is also starring in panto at Mansfield’s Palace Theatre this season in Cinderella and with only a few miles separating the pair, Su is hoping for a reunion.

“It would be lovely to catch up with Ruth again,” said Su. “I hope we can get together at some stage, maybe during rehearsals, as it gets so hectic once the run starts.”

Su made her TV debut on talent show Opportunity Knocks and thinks the talent shows of the present, including the X Factor are ‘marvellous’ but questions part of the production.

“I wouldn’t want to knock the X Factor as it is a marvellous show but I don’t like the padding,” said Su who will playing the part of Mimi the Magical Mermaid in Peter Pan. “I would prefer to have a half hour show revealing the true talent on offer rather than see all the auditions which ridicule people and make it trivial.”

With four decades of experience, the seasoned professional is no stranger to hard work and gruelling schedules, but despite this she is looking forward to the season ahead.

“I have a routine that I stick to in order to get through the run,” said Su who passes on her pearls of wisdom to the newcomers in the cast. “It’s important to stay fit and healthy, exercise and eat well to maintain energy levels and stamina.”

And she’ll need stamina to keep up with The Hoff who will lead the cast as Captain Hook.

“I’ve spoken to David via videolink to LA,” explained Su who will be his new Baywatch babe. “He spoke in his American drawl and said he was ‘excited’.

“He is so handsome and I am looking forward to working with him and children’s TV favourite Barney Harwood. I can’t wait.

“The cast, costumes, set and music are fantastic and I believe the audience will have a great time and get value for money.”

Su’s mermaid suit is a little similar to Lady Ga Ga’s controversial costume from her recent X Factor performance.

“I once wore an outfit to an awards show which got lots of press attention and comparisons to Lady Ga Ga - I must be her style mentor!”

Peter Pan starts its run at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal on Saturday 7th December until Sun 12th January. There will also be special relaxed performances for guests with special needs. Check the box office for details call 0115 989 5555.