Summer shoppers hit the high street

Summer is bringing people out into our town centres - and Tesco says they've seen a huge spike in ice cream sales. (Stock image).
Summer is bringing people out into our town centres - and Tesco says they've seen a huge spike in ice cream sales. (Stock image).

It's been hot, and although the weather may turn tonight, don't expect the sun to go anywhere fast.

We're due some rain tonight and intermittent cloud and showers over the next few days, but the sun will definitely be making an appearance and temperatures remain high for the next week.

And after an absolute scorcher yesterday - the hottest day of the year so far, reaching a peak of 33.5 degrees centigrade (92F), you'd think it wasn't surprising that shoppers were out in force, enjoying the town centre.

But the East Midlands Chamber says that while the sun always brings people in the open for shopping, dining out and watering in pub gardens, sometimes the weather can be so hot they hide inside.

A spokesman said: “Weather-wise, the summer has been a bit of a disappointment so far and many city centre businesses, particularly those in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors, will be hoping that the sunny spell we are currently experiencing will be with us for a few more weeks at least.

“Warm weather tends to bring people into the city to spend time and money shopping, socialising and enjoying the sunshine, so while this summer may have started off as a damp squib, the current heatwave will hopefully ensure that the season ends on a high.”

But are shoppers out buying new barbeques or just choosing their holiday outfits?

We asked Supermarket chain Tesco how shoppers have been respondng to the heat and they said the biggest spike in sales is expected to be ice lollies - predicted to rise in demand by 500 per cent. Ice creams may have fallen in favour, however, with an expected ruse of only 200 per cent against last week’s sales.

Tesco ice cream buyer Adom Dennis said: “With summer here at last shoppers have wasted no time stocking up with their favourite hot weather food and drink.

“For the next few days it will be all about al fresco dining and enjoying the garden.”

Tesco predicts the following sales uplifts compared against last week over the next few days:

BBQ meat – up by 80 per cent

Salads – up 60 per cent

Burger and hot dog rolls – up 40 per cent

Beer and cider – up by 50 per cent

Kids sun cream – up by 160 per cent

Hayfever sprays – up by 70 per cent