Super blood donors have saved 450 lives

Blood donors
Blood donors

TWO dedicated blood-donors from Hucknall have been honoured for helping to save up to 450 lives between them.

Anthony Braithwaite (70), of Conway Road, and Stephen Duty (59), of Nabbs Lane, have been giving their blood for a combined total of 86 years.

Now they have been presented with special awards in recognition of achieving the milestone of 75 donations each.

Every time the duo have given their blood, they have potentially saved three lives of patients in local hospitals.

Mr Duty, who has been donating for 41 years, said: “My mum had a major operation when I was 15 and needed a blood transfusion. It made a huge difference.

“When I was at university, I saw a session advertised, remembered how much my mum had benefited and went along.”

Mr Braithwaite, who started donating 45 years ago, said: “I would be given blood if I ever needed it, so it is only right that I should donate.

“It is a very good health-check for the donor, and the blood is essential for the recipient.”

The awards were presented to the Hucknall duo at a ceremony at the Gateway Hotel at Cinderhill, staged by the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) service.

The organisation runs regular blood-donor sessions throughout the Dispatch district.

Donors are being encouraged to sign up to offset a traditional dip in stocks during Christmas and the winter.

Anyone who is asged 17 and over and in good health can potentially donate blood, subject to a screening interview.