Support for families hit by drug misuse

Community event.
Community event.

The Hetty’s organisation wants to make Hucknall people aware of the help it offers to families affected by drug misuse.

Hetty’s was started in 1996 by a small group of mums who themselves had suffered the pain and heartache of a loved one’s drug problem.

Through their passion and determination to support others in situations similar to their own, Hetty’s has made a name for itself nationwide.

Kelly Castledine, the Hetty’s worker for Ashfield, including Hucknall, gave a talk about the organisation’s work to the town’s Partnership Group.

She said there might well be families in the town who could benefit from Hetty’s support but may not know of the organisation’s existence.

An article on the Hetty’s website reads: “Drug or alcohol misuse may be happening in your home or affecting someone close to you.

You may feel alone, unable to cope, frightened, angry or confused. However, you should be aware that you are not to blame.

“Families are often crucial to recovery and Hetty’s can offer them strength to feel they can cope better.”

Hetty’s provides a free and confidential telephone support line, 08000 850941, which is open seven days a week, all year round, between 9am and 7pm, incluing bank holidays and weekends.

The phone is answered by a small team of trained workers or volunteers who have personal experience of family issues around drug or alcohol misuse. They offer a non-judgmental listening ear, discuss support optiions and give information about appropriate local services.