Sutton residents call on council to take action and stop commuters using road as dangerous ‘rat run’

All that remains of the gates on Willowbridge Lane, off Dovedale Avenue in Sutton
All that remains of the gates on Willowbridge Lane, off Dovedale Avenue in Sutton

Campaigners in Sutton have said road calming measures to prevent their street from being used as a rat run have been a waste of tax payer’s money.

Residents living on Willowbridge Lane, off Dovedale Avenue have said electronic gates which were installed to stop traffic cutting down the residential lane have been a waste of money.

The gates were installed by Nottinghamshire County Council in April last year to prevent traffic from using the lane as a rat run to avoid the roundabout and traffic lights on Alfreton Road.

Colin Dove, who lives on the narrow lane, said: “The idea was that the gates would slow cars down and put them off using the route because they would have to wait for them to open. They were operational for two weeks before being vandalised and the designated key holders had to come to unlock them and switch them off. The repair was carried out to the gate motors but the gates were taken off and never replaced. It is a farce what this has cost the tax payer.”

Residents living along the street said the gates have been out of use for six months.

One resident said he fears for the safety of school children and pedestrians who use the narrow and poorly lit route on a daily basis to get to school and walk into town.

Neil Hodgson, of Nottinghamshire County Council’s highways department, said: “The sensor-controlled barriers were installed in March last year with the intention of preventing motorists using Willowbridge Lane as a rat-run.

“They proved to be very successful but unfortunately they have been vandalised on several occasions and after the last incident we had to remove them entirely to prevent them from being damaged further.

“We are currently looking into what can be done to alleviate the problem.”

Before the gates were fitted, residents opted for speed humps and bollards to slow traffic down.

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