Tablers produce best-man guide

IN an effort to help men though one of the most stressful days of their life, Hucknall Round Table has released its definitive guide to writing the best man’s speech.

The social organisation asked people in Nottinghamshire to submit their speeches, advice and incriminating footage all contributing to the final result — a foolproof best-man’s speech manual that can be viewed at

Jason Thomson, vice-president of Hucknall Round Table, said: “The best man’s speech is notorious for daring jokes and embarrassing anecdotes, but these can go spectacularly wrong. Understandably, the speech is something that best men across the UK worry about. And from reading some of the stories we’ve had sent in, it seems a lot of them end up making hilarious gaffes!

“If we can help just one man to avoid red faces and awkward silences at his best friend’s wedding, we’ll be very happy!”

The guide includes a comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts, ranging from good commonsense tips like starting with a joke, to obscure but important hints, such as not re-using material from the internet.

“For men across the country, the manual will provide a welcome modern-day reference when it comes to doing their wedding duty,” added Jason.