TALKING POLITICS: Sacrifice let down by the ‘don’t care’ society

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Martin Wright, of the Mansfield Independent Forum ask if the current selfish generation is letting down those who gave their lives in two world wars..

On Monday 4th August, I was my privileged to attend a commemoration ceremony at the war memorial adjacent to the Civic Centre to mark the 100th Anniversary of the “Great War”.

The service was led by the Rev John Pullman in the company of the British Legion and council colleagues.

During the service the Rev Pullman referred to his own father’s war time experiences and brought it home to me just how difficult it must have been living in the aftermath of such colossal tragedy.

A war where a million British and Commonwealth souls perished, in what was subtitled, “ the war to end all wars” which sadly it wasn’t as 700,000 more British casualties followed in WW2.

During the short service time was given for reflection and I thought to myself, what would those who made the ultimate sacrifice think of the Britain of today and the “what’s in it for me” society?

The UK is experiencing a breakdown in discipline, a breakdown that I feel has increased rapidly over the last 15-20 years, symptomatic of poor educational standards, that thankfully, appear to be improving and poor personal attitudes that result in a lack of manners and respect for both themselves and others.

These people no longer fear the consequences of their actions, children follow parent’s examples whether good or bad, if bad, the downward spiral continues.

Many of us still want to maintain standards based on good behaviour and consideration for others and by giving people the respect they deserve in a caring civilised society.

The intolerable behaviour of those who “don’t care” makes no allowance for personal circumstances, whether rich or poor it is endemic in our society.

People from all walks of life from those who choose a life on benefits to high flying unscrupulous businessmen and many of those elected to Westminster have cheated and lied to obtain what they see as their right, why, because the system allows them to do so.

It’s a delight to meet people, many of them young people, who share my feelings and choose not to be part be of a “don’t care society” that drops litter, drinks and swears in the street, allows their dogs to mess anywhere and drive untaxed and uninsured vehicles because they can and with no fear of retribution.

Many of those who do care go out of their way to help their local community and offer their services in an effort to improve their area and environment, no better example of this is the community of Forest Town where so many do so much and ask for no reward.

Those who died did so for our freedom, has our current generation let them down by living their lives, as so many do, saying “I don’t care”?

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