Tea party has 65th birthday

65th birthday of Hucknall's Over 73 Tea
65th birthday of Hucknall's Over 73 Tea

A long-running tea-parties club, organised by the Rotary and Inner Wheel for pensioners in Hucknall, celebrated its 65th year with a special event.

Hucknall’s Over 73 Tea was founded by Henry Morley, the owner of the Hucknall Dispatch, on 2nd February 1950.

Just over 90 people attended this year’s event and were welcomed by Hucknall’s Rotary president Tony Gluchowski, and Inner Wheel’s president Kim Challard

Rotary member Ian Yon said: “No-one could have imagined back in 1949, when the Rotary Clubs of New South Wales and Southern Rhodesia had sent the Ministry of Food, Overseas Gift Centre some food parcels for distribution to Rotary Clubs holding parties for old people that the party first organised by Hucknall Rotary Club for 2nd February 1950 would become an annual fixture in the Hucknall calendar, and still running 65 years later.

“Much of the longevity of Hucknall’s Over 73 Tea can be credited to the founder of the Hucknall Dispatch, Henry Morley, who supported the event in its infancy and left a legacy to help fund the costs.”

The event saw Kim Challard read a poem submitted by Tilly, a regular attendee of the Over 73 Teas.

Superb entertainment of music, song and dance was provided by the pupils of Holgate School.

Pictured, Inner Wheel’s president Kim, and Rotary president Tony (standing) with some of the people who attended the party on Wednesday 20th May at Central Methodist Church Hall.